You need at least three for stability. A file cannot be overwritten; so you must either erase or chose another name. Click OK, and follow the prompts. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights. A single audible tone indicates the system has recognized the device.

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If you wish to save any data, copy files from the card to another drive before selecting Apply Now. The waiver or failure of either party to exercise in any respect any right provided for herein shall not be deemed a waiver of any further right hereunder.

Select the option for manually selecting the hardware. What are the resource requirements for the PC Card Readers? If you choose a specific COM port, that port must be available when you insert the card for communications to work. Choose Apply Now to partition and format the card based on the choices you’ve made in actioontec Make Like list box.

The address must end in zero 0. The types of problems are listed in order based on the initialization procedure.


Actiontec AU802C

Close out of System Properties and the Control Panel. The file copier cannot copy the files because the target disk or card does not have enough space to hold the files.

If a memory card does not supply all the required information, a user can create the CIS aftiontec store it on the card. Some notebooks can boot from cards formatted this way.

The card may be full, or have failed. If you have not already done so, insert a memory or hard disk card, choose the card socket button and choose the Configure button. Also set atdisk to Boot and Start. Insert the CardTalk Diskette into the A: Prepare Tools You may need: You must configure the socket for multiple logical drive letters. In addition to reading this discussion, refer to Chapter 3, Installing the Software. Choose this button for an explanation of avtiontec parameters have not been specified or are invalid for this card.

Windows must not be running during the installation.

The following cards cause two beeps during normal insertion: Two lines need to be added to the config. CardTalk driver version for socket number must be at least V2. Card Reader is a trademark of the Manufacturer. The CardTalk program identifies PC Cards and allows you to configure memory and Flash file cards and to copy files between your system and these cards. Make sure you have the following components: If the client driver has control the computer srwm or may not beep or make other audible sounds.

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If 2 drives still don’t appear, switch the ISA card ribbon cable. This will either consist of setting the stam of switches or jumpers.

It will work properly after a restart. If you already have CardTalk on your system, follow the procedures in this chapter to upgrade the software.

ActionTec PC User`s guide |

No room on card. Your next available drive, which will be used srwm CardTalk, is F. See that the memory card appears listed under Hard disk controllers in the Device Manager.