About Us

Who We Are

We are Pennsylvania from Below. We came together to find out what’s happening in our state from the people who live here. We are committed to reporting what we discover to ignite a continuous process of learning and sharing.

What We DoCommunity Media on Keystone Issues

We don’t just observe; we move. We don’t trust the integrity of mainstream media to accurately and fairly portray poor and working people’s realities, so we use grassroots media to communicate Pennsylvania issues from below. We do this by listening to people’s stories and broadcasting what’s happening in their lives through our newspaper and website.


We believe that the interests of the wealthy who use people and land to make money contradict the interests of poor and working people, as well as a healthy relationship to the environment. People organizing in their communities and around common problems is the first step toward a better Pennsylvania—one with dignity, justice and equality for everyone.

We use organizing, education, development, storytelling and culture to stand up for ourselves. Although we are critical, we are not pessimists, and we take active roles in creating solutions.

Who We Work With

We are building a network of people across the state, both inside and outside of our organization. We will work with any person or organization that shares our values. We are building leadership to fight for an economic commonwealth, self-determination of communities and the right of people to organize and act.

Our membership and target audience are poor and working class Pennsylvanians of all races, religions and statuses, whether urban, rural, or in between. We strive to work with those we have not reached yet.