Students fight for their education. Photo by Mitch Troutman.




Also see out article on the event: Students Converge on Capitol to Demand Better Schools

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Valentine's Day rally for public education. Photo by Kara Newhouse.

“Show some love to public education!” That was the message that more than 400 high school students, parents and teachers from across PA took to the State Capitol for Valentine’s day.

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Willie Baptist. Photo courtesy of M.A.G. Siddiqui.

Willie Baptist is a Poverty Initiative Scholar-in-Residence at Union Theological Seminary and the coordinator of the Poverty Scholars Program.

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MMP TV, a public access program in Philadelphia, hosted Pennsylvania from Below's Mitch Troutman and Kara Newhouse in an episode focused on the mobilization of the 99% last fall.

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"As the unemployment crisis grinds on, states are trying to both lure and retain businesses by offering tax breaks, grants, cheap loans — just about anything (short of candy and foot massages) they can think of. But how many jobs do these expensive incentives actually create?"


A book review of Seamus McGraw's "The End of Country", about the gas rush in the Endless Mountains.

Susquehanna County

Video of gas well flaring in Susquehanna County, courtesy of "Frack the Movie".

Susquehanna County

The communications director with the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor's office tries to justify why oil and gas industry voices were first heard during a public hearing session at the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission.

Allegheny County

A new video piece created by the Media Mobilizing Project on gas drilling in Dimock, PA.

Susquehanna County