Be safe, hope to see you around! Constantly testing new software, hardware, and anything else i could get my hands on, just to see if I could make it run faster and better. Been working in that field for over 18 years. I’m not new to Ubuntu, but new to the forum aspect. Thanks to all who will help me, and don’t worry, I’m a fast learner.

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I nk4-14e ubuntu 3 years ago and now I’m back to zero klonk! My name is Kromgol and i recently decided to try out Linux again, but unfortunately not Ubuntu as i do now sit with Arch Linux which suits my needs better. None of the suggestions on the wine forum have worked and no ones replied to the post I made on the ubuntu forums.

I’ve been trolling the forums for a while now, but hadn’t noticed the introduction thread. Hey guys it’s cheggs.

linux – I need help and offer.. | DaniWeb

nu4-14d This is my first post and i have joined this community because sometimes I am stuck into issues and i need help. A few programs work brilliantly, others mediocre, many a waste of time. Hi and welcome to the forums. I agree, these forums are a great and crucial part of the community!


I need help and offer..

Plus going from Celeron to quad core sorta help lol. From West By God Virginia. I’ve dabbled in linux in the late 90’s but I think I was too stupid to actually use it.

Well, not 00, but very green. I hope, I can contribute and learn something from this Ubuntu community. As creea Netflix subscriber, it is very disappointing that there is not a solution that I have been able to find that will allow me to view Netflix instant streaming video, due to its reliance on Silverlight DRM.

I use Ubuntu on all of my computers, some duel-boot, and have convinced others to switch to Linux as well. But I’m a simple kid for whom a computer is like any other household appliance. Some are support-oriented while others are more social such as the Community Cafe.

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I am looking forward to getting to know some of you better. Blog with rare hardware drivers which you lost and can’t find Tuesday, November 20, I ni4-14e ramble cant I: Correct me if i’m wrong but i can’t see a welcome section. Sorry if I’m not of much help for now, but hopefully that changes.

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I’m Martin and I’m a student from Slovakia. Crea J10il1 Driver Download File: And here we are: Not so much new to the forum as renewed: There was no creq 3. I’m very glad I made the move. Looking forward to lots more learning from all of you!

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I’d used my mom or my dad’s computers for a long time, but my mom was usually busy on hers, so I’d use my dad’s, which had some peculiar “Linux openSUSE” on it mom has Vista. I bid you all nu-14e and farewell Plus to me, Ubuntu functions the right way. I was a big fan of windows since my first bought computer in No more, Good bye.