Leave arch files and page table rmap untouched for now, clean them up in a later batch. Agreed that it will use max 32 seconds only when it doesn’t find imbalance for a long time. Some NUMA architectures probably want to disable this. Didn’t fully work in one test setup; that controller’s PME was evidently ignored. No functional change were made so SA11xx users shouldn’t see any difference. Not much needed to be changed.

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The daemon handles this OK but it’s possible an incorrect error to be returned.

Also, remove special call to userspace-governor init as it isn’t needed any longer. The bug is obvious, and the fix is trivial: It’s easier to do this for fake hardware than the real stuff.

And, in fact, it fixes some bugs in it. Right now we ignore it, but we need to pass this down to the low-level filesystems if we want to ever make ddevice create symlinks with different permissions correctly.

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PPC44x lib support From: It’s one of the last significant patches in my gadget Some folk are having problems with firmware that doesn’t respond properly to descriptor fetches — which is unnecessarily confusing because the diagnostics aren’t being printed.

The fix is just to save the 32 bits. For this reason I believe it is better to change the spin lock to a semaphore in waitq. Patch by Olaf Kirch.


2.6.7 long-format changelog

We use i instead of rc. On bit systems the functions are replaced with a static inline. The attached patch implements a per-arch definition of for this type: They are no longer required to be in numerical order, and as a result, simply indexing the interface and altsetting arrays won’t work as expected.

If the garbage interpreted as i-node number is not set to zero does it have to be? On 435 systems, a cpu as devicee by the kernel is a virtual processor that is not necessarily running full-time on a real physical cpu. After review by hch: Note that as the offset and whole response is known to be 4byte-aligned, the offset pointer will never be split over two pages.

Hugh massaged it a little: We’ve never seen this chip in a computer so far, but it doesn’t cost anything to support it actually we cannot not support it, since we have no way to differenciate with the LM I don’t think that many user-space application will be affected, since most of them don’t handle the beep mask as far as I can tell.

The cause is that the autofs code checks to see if any signals are pending after it waits on a response from the autofs daemon. The does TSO in hardware, not via firmware code.


Part of the motivation for moving the spinlocks and rwlocks out of line was that I needed to add code to the slow paths to yield the processor to the hypervisor on systems with shared processors. More chip reset tweaks.

The “32bit” field is in bit 22, not 23 as can be seen in desc. This would mess up your display.

long-format changelog []

It guarantees that during unbinding events disconnect, configuration change, rmmod the UHCI driver will have finished using every URB for the interface being unbound. I have had enough testers and not audko single problem report, the driver is working OK.

The patch is quite large because it updates the disassembler to the latest version from binutils trimmed a bitwhich is why I didn’t cc lkml.

But some archs cannot operate on bit values efficiently, thus it’s not possible to switch everyone to ushort. Also, remove some dead code if 0’d. Eventually, the budgets should help prevent such errors.

Worse yet, those fragments are then extended while the hardware is doing DMA transfers causing all sorts of problems.