Hold the soldering iron tip and solder strand against the component lead until the solder melts. Switching to factory alignment mode Press power key with Brightness left key at the power off status. Suited for inductive loads. Build A Video Switcher. User Manual and Installation Guide. Keep the User’s Guide CD in an accessible place for future reference.

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Check on Scaler U6.

Premier Mounts AM Mounts distributed by Almo ProAV

Tektronix products are covered by U. Video Video Has display image only white? This is a flammable mixture. Signal screen is displayed when the D-Sub signal connector is not connected or the status of the monitor is on DPMS mode.

Reform the leadwire after any repair work. Is the power cord well connected?

Information in this More information. Set up the tracking See the SVC manual at page 14th. Check the ambient circuit of Scaler.

Daewoo L710 Monitor

To avoid More information. Only use the test fixtures specified in this service manual with this instrument. Electronics and Soldering Notes The Tools You ll Need While there are literally one hundred tools for soldering, testing, and fixing electronic circuits, you only need a few to make robot.

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Specifications Total solder points: General Soldering Guidelines 1. Check the output signal of Scaler. Caution For Servicing In case of servicing or replacing inverter, high daswoo sometimes remains in the output of the inverter.

Check the picture quality of your monitor or TV, ideal for adjustment or troubleshooting. Used for the easy. Soldering must be inspected l7710 possible cold solder points, frayed leads, damaged insulation, solder splashes or sharp solder points.

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If they are not shiny, reheat them and apply additional solder if necessary. In this lab, you will create the power supply that transforms the AC wall More information.

These tools More information. Check cable screen is displayed when the signal cable is disconnected. Do not use liquid More information. Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are either More information. Alternatively, obtain and wear a commercially available discharging daewoo strap device which should be removed for potential shock reasons prior to applying power to the unit under testing conditions. Replace a LCD panal.


Work quickly to avoid overheating the circuit board printed foil. Take at least 20 minutes warm-up time. Most replacement ES devices are packaged with leads electrically shorted together by conductive foam, aluminum foil, or comparable conductive material.

Safety, policy and warranty.


See the label attached on. Replace the main board or replace Scaler. Back to Contents Page Preface: In this lab, you will create the power supply that transforms the AC wall. Solder each device lead and then clip off excess lead.