And, the multi-source DV Capture utility is a stroke of genius. Well, yes and no. Maintained by Mark Newman. Conclusion Despite a very disappointing start, DVRaptor RT2 proved very impressive for real-time playback via analogue channels. Raptor RT2 isn’t a bad product by any means, but it falls short of the competition, and doesn’t sit comfortably in today’s increasingly demanding prosumer market.

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Canopus DVRaptor RT2 – video capture adapter – PCI

And, while it did an excellent job, the overall package fell flat for us, due to a lack of analogue video input. Things have changed since then, and the task of getting DV footage cvraptor and from a computer has become a very simple one. About two years ago, though, Canopus did make a play for the mainstream, with the Raptor RT board.

Please check the Canopus website for more info.

Digital Video homepage: Getting DVRaptor connected

Only the location of the connectors is different when a RaptorBay is installed. That doesn’t present much comfort to those upgrading older systems, though. Some graphics boards only support overlay at bit colordepth. I have used different colors for dvrzptor different types of connections: In order to survive in an increasingly software-orientated market, makers of DV editing cards have to offer more than just capture and output – and at present, that means real-time playback of effects, titles and transitions that would otherwise require rendering.


I’m new Contact Us Subscribe Rg2. Our initial bad feeling largely stemmed from the realisation that a 1.

Canopus DVRaptor RT2 – VideoHelp Capture Card

Join our ongoing campaign. Maintained by Mark Newman. Editors wanting more than the DV or RT.

Thankfully, the power needed to get good results is very accessible, and most currently available PCs should prove more than adequate. Instead of connecting the “audio out” to the TV-monitor you could of course use a separate audio amplifier, or active speakers with built-in amp. Smooth moving pictures in the editing- and capture-software.

My dvraotor advice is to visit a reseller, or someone else with some experience, for enabling DV-in.

Our first test system well exceeded the published minimum, and yet real-time functionality was very unpredictable and heavily limited. Fair pricing petition Home. You can do this in a somewhat “DIY” style, by soldering a few plugs and a transistor together and change the codes in the camcorder yourself.

The Raptor software RaptorVideo allows you to switch between composite and S-video. Of course your graphics board MUST support overlay.

Canopus DVRaptor RT2 Max – video capture adapter – PCI Overview – CNET

For compatible boards, please check the Compatibility Page of the Canopus website. Canopus has been very strong in the real-time market for some years, with the professional Rex RT solution and the more affordable DV Storm cards, but it has yet to make any dvrator waves in the mid-priced mainstream, currently dominated by Pinnacle’s DV and Matrox’s RT.


What is good is that Canopus’s effects plug-ins are well designed, and have a no-nonsense, business-like feel to them. The default setting is composite. Well, yes and no.

For making an analog connection between DVRaptor and other devices you have 2 options: Just ft2 it to solve your -or others- problems. If your set-up includes a RaptorBay, please follow it’s instructions for connecting things, both internally and externally. And, the multi-source DV Capture utility is a stroke of genius. View The Archive Reviewed in this issue: You only have output, when you have input In terms of value for money, Raptor RT2 falls down slightly as Adobe Premiere isn’t included in the bundle as standard, and the supplied editor, EzEdit, wasn’t able to take advantage of ddvraptor hardware’s real-time capabilities.

Rather oddly, on its initial release, Raptor RT2 wasn’t supported by Canopus’s own editing program, Edius.