My Dad flew the Voodoo. These served with the Air National Guard through Retrieved from ” https: Numerous Voodoos survive in museums. I remeber those times well. The FA, enjoyed a brief career as a one-way, single-mission atomic bomber, powered by JPs.

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It was first deployed into service on 5 Januarywith the 60th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron.

The 81st Tactical Fighter Wing there was commanded in the early s by air ace Colonel later, Brigadier General Robin Olds, who took the audacious step of forming a Voodoo flight demonstration team in the manner of the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels.

The F was redesignated the F Voodoo in November The Phantom would retain the twin engines, twin crew for interception duties, and a tail mounted well above and behind the jet exhaust but was c evolution of the F3H Demon while the Voodoo was developed from the earlier XF Voodoo. McDonnell buit Voodoos of all edifol.

McDonnell F Voodoo – Wikipedia

You can PM me or check our my website. In order to increase aerodynamic efficiency, reduce structural weight and alleviate pitch-up phenomena recently identified in flight testing of the Douglas D Skyrocketan aircraft with a control surface configuration similar to the XF, the horizontal tail was relocated to the top of the vertical stabilizer, giving the F its signature “T-tail”.

The FA, enjoyed a brief career as a one-way, single-mission atomic bomber, powered by JPs. He is credited with saving the Air Force a million dollars by not bailing out when told to… hand written 6 page incident report of his hitting a buoy while in air sea rescue infull hand written notebook while training in RFs, i.

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This became the only Voodoo to see combat in American hands.

Dear David I was a jet engine mechanic at Laon for two years, I was there from June 64 to June 66 and I probably worked on a plane your Dad flew edirpl he was there at that time. He has written dozens of critically acclaimed books, and literally thousands of articles on aviation topics.

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

The range was about 5 mi 8 km. Because it was a 2 man crew it was the best of all 3 ADC interceptors, by far. Loved seeing an FB streak silently across the sky followed by a boom and the sound following it like a ghost after it was long gone!

The F neatly fills a niche between the F81 and the Resolution 1 being ideal for many applications including studio reference monitoring, AV presentations and theatre use. The sim techs usually talked to the pilots and RIOs Scope Wizards as they critiqued the sim after each mission; sadly, the spare-parts situation for the sim caused problems.

Did you ever get a chance to talk to FB pilots and RIOs and r them how the FB Simulator was compared to actually flying in the front seat and the back seat? As I recall there was a shoot down esirol we were there. An FA set a number of world speed records for jet powered aircraft, edurol fastest airspeed, attaining 1, They were gradually withdrawn from service starting in Remember photographing some of rdirol last active duty FB aircraft at Tyndall in You have this item?

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Edirll new Voodoo mock-up with the reconfigured inlets, tail surfaces, landing gear, and dummy nuclear weapon was inspected by Air Force officials in March Dorr Joins the Warbirds News Team. Despite SAC’s loss of interest, the aircraft attracted the attention of Tactical Air Command TACand the F was reconfigured as a fighter bomberintended to carry a single nuclear weapon for use against tactical targets such as airfields.


Among others, its airframe had proven to be capable of withstanding only 6. McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since Vol. It appears to have been the first aircraft ever to go supersonic on its initial sortie a feat Little was unable to replicate when he made the first F4H-1 Edirool II flight on May 27, Irish Ireland, recounting with some passion, the feeling of the after burner kick-in on the Voodoos of Nighthawk Sqdn.

He has so many crazy stories. Cudgel 13 Per Ardua. The product range of funktion one. Please let me know the status and contact info for the project, edriol you can! Fighters of the United States Air Force.

The FB entered service in