Wacom recently introduced an optional pen designed specifically for 3D programs. Don’t know which to buy! I think the best approach would be to photograph your artwork in high resolution, taking care with the camera positioning to not bring in any distortion. The medium model will appear to have a faster pen and you’d have to use shorter strokes, compared to your your large tablet at work. Let say I want to draw stuff like this http: I’d avoid the smaller models for any user other than general computer usage. So if there’s anybody out there who has recently bought the I4 Small model please let us know what’s the deal you got.

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Older models had a clear overlay that could be lifted, but current ones are fixed.

Wacom (CTH) Intuos Pen & Touch Medium Tablet x inch Active Area | VillMan Computers

I’m also a graphic designer and I’ve used the Bamboo precursor, called Graphire, for many years. It’s also compatible with inntuos operating systems and can be configured to work in any program. If it’s a little larger, up to px, you can still use it, but the cursor will be a little less precise. Thats far greather thanso from this view, it would be enough?

Do Wacom offer anything that works like intuoos on paper? I am looking to use a tablet in my high school math classroom for notes.

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Wow I enjoyed your review very much, I have to disagree with this recommendation for some people. However, I found links I’d like to share here, since your blog was one of the first hits on my search.

I’ve never hooked up a tablet to it. Thank you so much for your advise! Microsoft offers the best cty replacement tablets on the market. Connect, Splash and Capture.

Wacom Tablet Driver

Nevertheless, having a larger area can be more comfortable to work with. This is a super deal and I think much better value than the smaller model. You give actual information which is what users are interested in when comparing models. The packaging from flipkart was as usual the best, also the whole thing was delivered 2days before expected date.

If you don’t need portability, the Bamboo Create is a better option. Regarding the size, the larger sizes are useful if you work with only the tablet in front of you and rarely has to touch the keyboard.

Bestek’s smartly designed strip includes two USB ports, as well as cable and phone jacks.

Drivers | Wacom

I’m vth other users have the same question. Since you say “the higher resolution really shows in this kind of application” with the Intuos4, I think I will buy this one.

You’d have to work in small pieces and then stitch them together in Illustrator. Randy, This might be a shot in the dark, but have cgh tried the latest drivers downloaded directly from the Wacom website? The price of the Medium version is a bit above my budget, but I’m going to think it over.

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I’m sure the next Intuos5 line will have this feature, too. Gaming Accessories by Gordon Gottsegen Jun 28, Current pen tablets offer really high resolution and even the regular Intuos can handle large resolutions with excellent cursor precision. The available resolution is still adequate for cfh tasks, but finer freehand movements feel faster and less precise. We really like the multi-touch feature, which makes it possible to use the tablet as a large trackpad.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

Keep in mind that the work area is smaller than your current Genius tablet, but I think it is perfectly sized for most uses. And Mary it costs you thousands of dollars.

You may find a killer deal on the discontinued model, so look around. However, techspecs and compatibility are more hidden than presented.

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