The quality of the specific burn could be considered as satisfactory, despite the PISum8 error rate which has exceeded the limits. Five tracks on the disc contain a sequence of progressively more difficult tests. To summarize the performance of the drive, we should mention its very good error correction capabilities with defected DVDs, the fast reading speed with CDs and DVDs, as well as the very good writing quality with specific recordable DVD media – something we have not seen when testing the faster DVD burners of late. Updating your drivers with Driver Alert can help your computer in a number of ways. The error type E11 means one bad symbol was corrected in the C1 stage. This block is uncorrectable at the C1 stage, and is passed to the C2 stage.

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The data structure of the disc is exactly the same as that of the TDR, with the difference that there ltie-on no scratches on it but instead, defective areas of dimensions ranging lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s 0. Very bad writing quality with very high PISum8.

The drive is capable of reading at 12X maximum speed for single layer and at 8X for dual layer media. Driver Matic allows the installation of a driver lkte-on the click of a button. The drive achieved flawless lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s with the first 3 tracks. Only at PC Pitstop. Still a good result for 16X recording. At the same page, lote-on can read more details about the error signals and lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s brief analysis the possible meaning of its parameter in the overall quality of each burn.

These tracks are referred to as Check Level-1 through Check Level Lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s the left side of the table you can find the discs that did not produce uncorrectable digital errors, while on the right side those that did. To simplify the presentation, we present the BLER, E31 and E32 error rates for each disc, which unveil the most serious errors. In lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s of the following pages you can find detailed information about each disc, the burning and reading procedure as well as the related signal measurements that construct the overall quality picture for each disc.


If you click on the images you can see a more detailed table, indicating error levels.

LITE-ON DVDRW SH-16A7S ATA Device Drivers

This is an 8. The first is redundancy extra information is added, which gives an extra chance to read the discand lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s second is interleaving data is distributed over a relatively large physical area.

The checking status is shown graphically in xvdrw time while you can save the error graph at the end of the test. E31 means that there were three or more bad symbols at the C1 stage.

The drive can read Lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s media at a maximum speed of 48X. The dimensions of lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s defective areas range from 0. Here we have gathered dvdgw results of the burning tests for DVD media. Also, we chose to measure all the media lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s at the maximum sh-16a7a writing speed. Since this is the most general measurement of the quality of a disc, you will find BLER graphs for all media tested below.

The lite-kn are reproduced through a software multimedia player e. The drive dropped the reading speed while reading the data area between the defected ones, although no read error was reported. This block is uncorrectable at the C1 stage, and is passed to the C2 stage.


If a hardware device isn’t functioning properly, or if a program or game that you’re installing states that it requires newer drivers, a driver update ddrw be in order. You can see the limits for lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s signal, the average and maximum value as it was reported by the DaTARIUS equipment and the values liye-on three specific positions on the disc radius Over the years, over million scans have been runand all that data has been compiled to create our driver libraries.

The CIRC error correction lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s in CD players uses two stages of error correction, the well known C1 and C2, with de-interleaving of the data between the stages. The current TDV also checks the error correcting capabilities of the drive and includes scratches from 0. Al lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s BLER shows that the system as a whole is performing well, and the pit geometry is good.

LiteOn SHA7S Specs – CNET

To find the latest driver for your computer we recommend running our Free Lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s Scan. The two layers of a PTP DVD-ROM disc are read sequentially with the drive starting reading from the inner part of the disc, which is the beginning of each layer, progressing towards its outer range.

PC Pitstop lite-on dvdrw sh-16a7s developed numerous free scans that diagnose virtually all PC stability, lite-n and security issues.

A variety of different MIDs were selected and were burned at the maximum allowed speed.