Kroah-Hartman concluded, “If patterns emerge, I’ll approach the companies and ask them if they will work with us. I’m running Dapper64 and have the STX and just got it working today. I just followed all the steps to install the driver from the latest version qc-usb-messenger Replace kgcc with the command required for compiling kernels kgcc is often used in Red Hat systems. Anybody tried it yet on Gutsy?

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Also japaman the output earlier you posted from your run with quickcam. And yes i did eventually go back to good old qc-usb myself.

Logitech QuickCam Messenger Series

I am the hopefully easy-to-use, fully automated qc-usb driver installation script. Unforunately the server I plan to have the webpage about the cam on is down for now.

After a bit more playing about, it seems that the qc-usb-messenger Just uninstall camorama if you were a person with my situation to avoid later confusion from the stupid thing. QuickCam Messenger Bus Device In addition the skype beta sees I have a camera, but an image does not appear when I try and test it.


I tried running this file several times and got several errors. QuickCam Messenger Ive downloaded the latest version named qc-usb-messenger Hi communicste, I haven’t bought a camera yet, I just want to make sure to get the right one.

Howto : Quickcam Messenger [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Yeah that basically loads the quickcam driver into the kernel or something like that so it works at boot. Thanks again, Roderik Thanks, I’m going to try this out because my webcam wont work on bootup.

Does this cover us and how does it differentiate this guide? It should look like a speaker with sound waves not a speaker, with a red cross, then it’s muted, to unmute, click on it. No such file or directory.

I tried this with my Logitech Quickcam Messenger Plus and ihc.quickcam worked fine. However, after a reboot, the device node is no longer created, and modprobe quickcam doesn’t help. Either install properly configured kernel headers or full source with kernel configuration. You had to rmmod the module and load it again.

If you press Enter, I’ll try to continue anyway I think you get it Skype has a new beta version for Linux with video support. I can detect and use the inbuilt microphone, but video doesn’t work. Find Sensor HVR c [ Internet Keyboard Bus Device I am happy to try to help you more mrssenger this on a communiicate conversation if we know it doesnt’ work. How can I uninstall the drivers I installed?


Now for my question: I try to run camorama and it gives no image, and also the audio is not connected, I will now try to install the latest driver and see if those work. When I do lsusb i get this output: What does lsusb say?

However the video device is not created. That looks like the right package Did you get any error messages above? You are right, I will buy cmmunicate at the local store and return it in the case it does not do what I want. No such file or directory tar: After reboot it didn’t work again.