I tried with driver. Not using Hotjar yet? This means you also send the command to chrome yourself. Previous Section Next Section. Maximizing the browser window.

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There is a bug submitted for this on ChromeDriver project. KrishPrabakar 1, 1 21 I tried many of the answers above, but none work well.

Why isn’t ().window().maximize() not working for Chrome in Selenium? – Quora

This fails in case of chrome docker container with error java. Using HttpWatch for measuring performance. Capturing screenshots with Selenium WebDriver. They don’t have Selenium Emulation in the C version of webdriver. You could add the following code wwebdriver in the class where you do the browser configuration and you would be good to go.

Locating an element using the findElement method.

Taking these points into consideration the javascript should probably be: Create a new test which will get an instance of WebDriver webdriiver , navigate to a site and perform some basic actions and verifications. Unfortunately this throws and exception for the ChromeDriver. There’s an outstanding issue to add this functionality to WebDriver, which can be tracked here: Using the BrowserMob proxy for measuring performance.


Locating elements by tag name. However the above javascript code works great. Automating interaction on the HTML5 canvas element. Moving the window to 0,1 seems to actually move it to 0,0 though, so one bug helps another.

Using browser tools for inspecting elements and page structure. The official document suggests using:.

Web storage — testing session storage. Handling a confirm box alert.

I checked the chrome driver JsonWireProtocol: How do I make Selenium Java code with a Chrome driver run with a task scheduler? Recording videos of tests using Monte Media Library in Java. You can use Selenium Emulation in WebDriver: Why do we need to change the port for Chrome driver server in selenium? Maximize ; For Java: The following Selenium Java code snippet worked for me: How does this Selenium code work?

Recording videos of tests using Castro in Python. This worked for me in C.

Maximize Window Using Selenium WebDriver And By Using Abstract Window Toolkit

Automating the HTML5 video player. Prasad Khode 4, 9 30 Buy eBook Buy from Store.


Locating elements using findElements method. Synchronizing a test with custom-expected conditions.