But no matter how good the monitor and monitor calibration and profiling systems are and it is vital that your monitor be as close to neutral as it can be, and that is why you need something like the OPTIXxr or gretagmacbeth Eye-One Display 2 –if not something better from Monaco, Xrite, or gretagmacbeth, etc. Most bookmarked in this forum. Discussion in ‘ Digital Darkroom ‘ started by kneesh , May 13, This may work better and is the only ColorVision solution worth considering for printer profiling at all , but I have no idea how good it works: My budget is not unlimited. The Optix Pro system does not allow you to profile your printer or scanner, but Monaco EZ Color does; so together they make a top-notch color calibration solution.

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Sergey Oboguev makes a good point about the inherent challenges of using scanner-based printer profiles — the results can be less than ideal — but in my case, I have achieved very good to excellent results and I consider myself very picky. I don’t use the Colorvision printer profiles, just a combination of color management monavo PS and the Epson profile for my paper.

Monaco Optix XR pro

People Who Like This:. The Pantone colorimeter is inferior to the Optix one. Thanks Steve Sherman 0 people like this post.

Misc by Wayne Cunningham Aug 26, I’d check reviews on it before buying it and see how it stacks against EyeOne Design or EyeOne Photo in terms of printer profile quality. So unless you intend to use non-Epson paper or Epson papers that there is Epson profile for, there may be no need for you to use anything but standard ICC profile coming from Epson and you may be able to get by with monitor profiling solution alone.


Chromix, where I buy my color calibration gear, has a handy chart you can use to compare the various products: W S Sherman Forum Contributor.

Thank you Sergey, Serge and Zee for also contributing an answer to my question. The link Royce provided is what confused me. DxO PhotoLab 2 working space tests. Started Nov 19, Discussions thread. Many cameras today include built-in image stabilization systems, but when it comes to video that’s still no substitute for a proper camera stabilization rig. If you are not careful enough and happen to press on EyeOne Display 2 while profiling LCD monitor, it can stick to the screen.

FS: Monaco Optix XR PRO, and Monaco EZ Color Profilers | Photography Forums

Obviously I’m missing something which is no surprise. Then again all mentioned colorimeters will mnoaco with Coloreyes software if you need it in the future. Andy Nelson Forum Contributor. Whatever the case, I’m happy with the results.

Spyder2 Pro vs. Monaco Optix XR Pro

A monitor calibrating system only getsthe monitor as close to monsco performance as the monitor is physically capable of being. Then Optix XR because of the quality of it’s colorimeter. Further, EyeOne Display 2 vaccuum attachments stick out above the bottom of the calibrator and may leave some small residue if you happen to drag it along the screen.


This may work better and is the only ColorVision solution worth considering for printer profiling at allbut I have no idea how good it works: Whether you’ve grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order. Peiker All times are UTC. Momaco our latest buying guide we’ve selected some cameras that while they’re a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Suggestions as to better packages and opinions on the Optix XR Pro package for monitor profiling would be appreciated. Return to Digital Topics. Wacom Tablet otr Alternative.

Monaco OPTIX XR Pro Edition

I’d upgrade the printer first. Discussion in ‘ Digital Darkroom ‘ started by kneeshMay 13, With Optix XR there is no such risk as it does not have builtin vacuum attachments and cannot accidentally stick to the screen.

Something really interesting about Capture One. William KahnMay 14,