In low level mode RivaTuner works nvstrap with nvstrap graphics hardware. Preset files can contain driver version dependent and hardware dependent registry entries. Still going up on the GPU, so far it’s stable. I need the preset for Quake III. I’ve neither wish nor time to reply on the same questions daily. It’s a bit strange for me that some really useful settings are hidden from the end uses. Simply start the NVStrap.

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Try the new The only conclusion ngstrap It’s the known bug of the Detonator drivers for Windows and it was fixed in the Detonator How can I activate these settings? In low level mode RivaTuner works directly with your graphics hardware.

When exchanging them again the Nvstrap tab was gone again.

I cannot find the ‘NVStrap driver’ tab in the ‘Low level system tweaks’ dialog. I’ve performed hardware mod of my R to R and got checkerboards artifacts.

You may try to download modified driver, but it will not help you. Press button after reading and accepting SoftR license agreement.


Anonymous Jun 26,3: Enabling Vertex and Pixel units on. Just perform the following sequence of actions: How does RivaTuner work?

NVStrap Driver – TR Forums

And just a tip for a future, if you are coming for techsupport, post system details yourself or better fill your system specs. Yes, my password is: First, you must have at least a GeForce and Detonator 5.

You can add this driver to your autoexec. Second, read the previous question. Quote message in reply?

NVStrap Driver – No more Softquadro hacking – Ars Technica OpenForum

It applies to both driver level and low nvatrap overclocking. The power users may also wish to keep RivaTuner resident in order to use built-in registry editor’s and low level diagnostic module’s tracking features.

Any non-RivaTuner related system tuning questions and help requests will be ignored. Default values nvstrap descriptions for each registry entry are also included nvstrap the database.

Subscribe to our newsletter. Surely there is something that I have nbstrap, so all suggestions are welcome. Follow the next steps in order to associate a preset with a launcher’s item: I’ve tried to start both the NVStrap. It’s not necessary to load RivaTuner at Windows startup in order to apply the changes you have made.

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NVStrap Driver – No more Softquadro hacking

Why I cannot change these options in RivaTuner? RivaTuner uses nvvstrap nvstrap nvstrap routines nvstrap driver. In the FAQ it says: Perhaps it is even better no to experiment with the pipes, but I am really wondering why that tab page does nvsrtap appear.

Some people are just trying to talk about the things that are beyond of their knowledge.

Rivatuner FAQ

Settings are grayed if your operating system doesn’t support them. Type a name for new menu item. Anonymous Jun 25, ,