They came in various forms such as a tab or a lock and Gigabyte retention mechanism is slightly different. It is a tab where you pull the tab to release the card. The i board do win a few benchmarks but the lead is usually small and the GA-PDS4 do outperforms the i, especially in the storage and real-world gaming performance. Although Gigabyte claims that their design will produce cooler boards, lower EMI interference, and resist rust better than standard iron core chokes, we cannot verify these claims. In addition, you will find a wide range of software included though I am not sure if they are trial-ware or full version.

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I do not particularly like how Gigabyte uses OK rather than display the real voltage for the components. Many manufactures place the tab on the right, closer to the Northbridge, which makes it harder to access. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, but the SATA cables stand out for a couple reasons. The closeness of the memory slots could cause problem for users with four sticks who wishes to overclock.

Join us as we take a closer look at this board and put it against the EVGA i motherboard.

For those who are considering upgrading their system to the latest technology, the GA-PDS4 is a great choice as it offers a good balance of price and performance and not to mention that rs4 will support future processor upgrade. Here is an excerpt taken from their web site:.


The motherboard comes with total of five fan headers: A Serial port is still plenty useful in networking environments, but parallel? There are two issues which I think some users may face. Memory ratio, it would limited the FSB options slightly. The settings are split into seven categories.

The EVGA i has the ability to vs4 the FSB and the memory independently and the motherboard will automatically set the appropriate ratio. Xpress Recovery2 is an utility that pp35 you to quickly compress and back up your system data and perform restoration of it. Overclocking is always highly depended on various components and there is never a guarantee even with the same system configuration.

I first set the Vcore to 1. The included four USB ports is a little on the shorter side and the lack of secondary Gigabit LAN ports is slightly disappointing as it is often found on other similar priced motherboards. Both chipsets offers good mix of features and overclocking ability.

The interface should come pretty familiar.

Both boards are targeted toward the same users as they de4 packed with overclocking features and priced at similar range. So let’s not repeat what we’ve already said in other reviews.

Gigabyte Technology GA-P35-DS4, LGA 775/Socket T, Intel (GA-P35-DS4 (rev. 2.0)) Motherboard

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. What we love the most is the silent heat pipe which works efficiently keeping the chipsets running cool while keeping the noise to absolutely silent. In addition, xs4 slightly limited FSB: Users with i based motherboard probably will not be looking into switch to the GA-PDS4 board unless they plan to run Crossfire. PC Health Status shows the system voltage and fan speed. The CPU area is clean without much obstruction for even the biggest heat sink on the market.

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We have received the 1. Under load, ss4 consumes 27W less than the i board. The Gigabyte board still uses FSB: We can see that both boards have similar transfer speed.

Gigabyte GA-PDS4 Specs – CNET

If all that sounds complicated just remember; Intel P35 Express supports dual Es4 videocards, and has room for at least two other PCI Express x1 devices. Gigabyte actually hides these options. Unlike the i based motherboard where users have an option to adjust p3 FSB and the memory clock separately and p3 motherboard will automatically adjust the FSB: It is good to see that despite the fact that the memory on the GA-PDS4 is running at 2T command rate rather than 1T that is with the i board, the performance is not being affected.

If you have to struggle with a screwdriver to release an obscured PCIe slot lock and get the videocard out, you may end up with an electrical short or snapped component.