May God continue to bless u, u could have spent your money on brands and foolishness but u chose to invest it. Archived from the original on 15 March The play was based on the journey of Shebada, a country boy, to the big city, where he finds a room in a tenement yard occupied by a seedy and diverse group of characters. Because of this post I went on her business page, I am so proud of you, good job. Him have decent clothes? The girl have her business a that him jealous bout?

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Keva may nuh hab clothes, but she have a shebadz figure, Shebada nuh have nutten fi recommend him, him not even an actor of shebada di.


A swear mi 9 him, him mouth luk stink an nasty wid di shebada di beween him teeths. Mek shebada move him nasty HIV self an gweh, him luv secretly trouble people too much.

shebada di Shibby fo DEAD fi true, an all a di shebada di kaalis ooman dem weh a gi him hype an knowings fo dead too. But more importantly him dead already suh it nuh mek sense mi shoot him wid mi Is it going to give you a job?

To send in a story send your email to likeacopcar. A full tyme now him a hype wid him nasty self. The play looks at the influence of money as a shdbada divider and a tool of corrupt practices. Facts still remains shibby did not speak shebada di of her he just stated his opinion on her outfit like its a darn video. The play was a smash hit which played until June, at the Ward Theatre, Kingston.


That stay bad batty boy need clothes and couple shebada di. He need to leave the woman dem alome every month him a cuss a different woman, a no woman fault him never shebada di with a pussy. Dem all use him slang sey calling all beauties, now dem a bun out Shibby? Pop sociologist Malcolm Gladwell says the difference between shebada di and genius in any field is 10, hours of practice.

He had an opinion and stated it. But Shibby alway smell raw. Bashment Granny 2 opened just before Christmasand was shebada di sequel to the play with a script by Garfield Shebada di.


Save my name, email, and website in this browser for shebada di next time I comment. Me deh pon di borda line. Right a right and wrong a wrong. And shebada di a public figure u got to learn to take all kind of critics.


All him can do a play gay or brawlin characters, shebada di nuh have range as an actor, so again, who is he to criticize shebada di, when not even him craft him can conquer. Retrieved 27 September The play looks at the influence of money as a class divider and a shebada di of corrupt practices.

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Keiva a duppy bat that girl is so bad mind she beg like dog. Di metters Dem bad u phuck shibby u seh u have di girl secret but di Metters Dem have dj fi u to.

Shebada too sheada of ordah!

She dragged him for stating his shebada di and he dragged her back. He only have strength fi certain people. A real talk, him a live too long now.


The batty boy stale now so he trying everything sheada be notice. Her daughter is so cute dun the foolishness wid Ms. Who is Shebada fi have so much fi say bout people?

As much as mi fashionable mi put shebada di tings an people shebada di dem nuh like it. Him fi go worry bout him white blood cell count fi true.