At Moran’s waste transfer facility, drill cuttings from the natural gas industry

SUNBURY, PA — A Watsontown-based company that recently expanded into the natural gas industry is operating a waste-transfer site without state permits.

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Marcellus Shale as compared to the Texas Barnett Shale. From a Penn State Report

In a recession that all people feel, those already under economic pressure become increasingly vulnerable to the race to find a dollar. The areas hardest hit by economic decline happen to be rich in one natural resource: natural gas deep underground.

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Thumper Trucks Photo by Ron Schott,

There is a lot of vocabulary that comes into play with natural gas drilling. Here is a short list of terms that get thrown around gas-land.

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A compressor station near Dimock, PA. Photo by Mitch Troutman.

Much of the regulatory problem of the issue of hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas boils down to a fox guarding a henhouse. The agency responsible for permitting an industry should be completely separate from the agency regulating that industry.

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A book review of Seamus McGraw's "The End of Country", about the gas rush in the Endless Mountains.

Susquehanna County

Video of gas well flaring in Susquehanna County, courtesy of "Frack the Movie".

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The communications director with the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor's office tries to justify why oil and gas industry voices were first heard during a public hearing session at the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission.

Allegheny County

A new video piece created by the Media Mobilizing Project on gas drilling in Dimock, PA.

Susquehanna County

When the gas or mineral rights are sold from a property, it becomes a split estate. This is a trailer for a documentary by that name, Split Estate. It is about the conflict between landowners and gas companies in US natural gas drilling.