Willie Baptist. Photo courtesy of M.A.G. Siddiqui.

Willie Baptist is a Poverty Initiative Scholar-in-Residence at Union Theological Seminary and the coordinator of the Poverty Scholars Program.

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Sloppy Secondz Roasting Sunbury, PA

Three guys from Northumberland county don’t usually get too famous. Producing catchy YouTube videos did it for Sloppy Secondz. After making the hit, “Pennsylvania Guys”—a parody of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”—Jason McGuigan of Shamokin said, “People get excited.

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Pennsylvania population density

    It's easy to think you know Pennsylvania. You might live in one of the big cities, and think the rest of the state is a vast countryside. Or you might live in a rural area and think that most of the state is like your county, with the exception of the cities.

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