MMP TV, a public access program in Philadelphia, hosted Pennsylvania from Below's Mitch Troutman and Kara Newhouse in an episode focused on the mobilization of the 99% last fall.

Wayne Swingle and Sara Peters at Occupy Easton. Photo by Kara Newhouse.

Occupy Easton, Allentown and Bethlehem have different personalities and priorities, but they each identify as part of the Lehigh Valley and have worked together more directly than other Occupy groups around the state.

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Occupy Harrisburg. Photo by Kara Newhouse.

Central Pennsylvania has three Occupy groups within 40 miles of each other. Harrisburg and Lancaster both maintain 24-hour occupations, while York is focused on education and direct action.

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Frank Broncasno at Occupy Erie. Photo by Kara Newhouse.

Poor and working people of Pennsylvania’s northwest and northeast have joined occupations at the urban centers of Erie and Scranton—cities of 100,000 and 70,000 people, respectively. Erie borders the Great Lakes and General Electric is its largest employer.

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Carmen Cuadrado of the Media Mobilizing Project. Photo by Kara Newhouse.

“Movements begin with the telling of untold stories” says the slogan of Philadelphia-based Media Mobilizing Project.

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Occupy Pittsburgh, November 2011. Photo by Kara Newhouse.

With more than 100 tents in camp and at least that many participants in general assemblies, Occupy Pittsburgh and Occupy Philly are a class of their own for PA occupations. Their size comes with advantages and challenges, and so far both have have been met with cooperation from city government.

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Students of Occupy Penn State are disassembling their encampment tonight in response to the sex scandal involving a former assistant football coach that has rocked the campus this week.

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Occupy Easton, Oct 2011. Photo by Kara Newhouse.

Pennsylvania from Below is touring Occupations across Pennsylvania. We are traveling, meeting new people, documenting their stories and learning about their occupations. As far as we know, we are the only ones doing this state-wide in Pennsylvania.

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